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Sunday, July 4, 2010

A World Without the Islamic Republic...Imagine!

The New Media Journal 

Dr. Arash Irandoost
July 2, 2009

It is not a secret that Iran’s Mullahs are engaged in developing a nuclear program  to prolong their unwanted existence long enough to get their hands on the bomb so that they would feel invincible and continue their control over the armless Iranian people and ultimately export their version of Shi’a Islam and terrorism around the globe.
It is not a secret that the Islamic Republic has supplied their mercenaries in Iraq with armor-piercing projectiles for killing and maiming the coalition forces in Iraq. They have killed by proxy, using roadside-planted bombs, that has taken the lives of nearly 200 American soldiers.
Mullahs’ support for terrorism constitutes a high priority. It extends not only to the neighboring countries, but also as far away as Latin America. Hezbollah in Lebanon was nurtured with funds, weapons and training. Hamas and the Islamic Jihad were assisted in numerous ways, and a professional army of Shiite Iraqis was trained and armed to be used in the present Iraqi theatre. Separately, Muqtada al-Sadr and his militia thugs—the Mahdi Army—is directly funded, armed and controlled by the present Islamic regime, a gift of former President Khatami to his successor—the rabid Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.
The Mullahs presently ruling Iran are faced with monumental threats:
Internally, the great majority of the populace is against their misrule. Labor unions, teachers associations, student groups, religious and ethnic minorities, journalists and many others have suffered and continue to suffer inordinate hardship under the heavy-handed Mullahs and their front men. The Iranian authorities have intensified their crackdown on communications by blocking access to many internet sites. Just last week, mullah Khamenei, the supreme leader of the Islamic regime, officially declared war with the Iranian nation and his intention of forming a pure form of Muhammadan Islamic country.
Externally, they are engaged in brinksmanship with the United States and Israel and now a tug of war with the great Britton, while trying to wrestle the mantle of Islamic leadership from the Sunni Saudis and their Wahhabi cabal and President Obama persists on negotiating with these criminals rather than the legitimate owners of the country, the Iranian people. He will also fail miserably as did his four predecessors.
Awash and intoxicated with petro-dollars, mullahs have become a major power in the Middle East. Equipped with a holocaust denier, pathological liar, arrogant and an apocalyptic zealot such as Ahmadinejad, the Islamic Republic is determined to extend its version of “pure Muhammadan” Islam throughout the world. This is conclusive in many speeches Ahmadinejad has given during the last four years of his presidency and his recent June 13th secret meeting with Ayatollah Mesbah Yazdi in Qom for afflicting the world with the light of Islam soon after a favorable aftermath of the coup.
Rational citizens of the world are baffled as to why the cries of the Iranian opposition have not been heeded by the leaders of the world of the imminent danger Islamic Republic is posing. Taliban, armed with Saudi financiers, Pakistani ISI backing, and fertile poppy fields has posed a similar threat. Women were being barred from going to school, public killings, rape and torture of innocent Afghani’s should serve as a reminder that such a danger has been lurking for the past 30 years in Iran. Lucrative oil and trade contracts are perhaps one reason. But the world needs to jump off the fence and act before it is too late. There is indeed no better time for it than NOW.
Angered by so-called sham elections (selections if you ask me), the so patient, hospitable, gentle, and tolerant Iranian men and women, young and old have found a common cause and pretext to stage rallies and bravely have been defying heavily armed Hamas and Hezbollah and Sudanese trained militias and mercenaries who are paid $200 by some accounts a day to beat and kill pro-democracy demonstrators.
It is time to get off the fence and not waste such a golden opportunity. Timing is everything. People of Iran are fed up with this brutal and medieval regime that daily hangs its youth, shuts down newspapers, jails and kills bloggers, silences its dissent at any cost and by any means. Addiction and prostitution is at all time high in Iran. Unemployment is at 25% by governments own figures. Despite being one of the richest countries in the world with abundant natural and human wealth, and being the 4th largest oil-producing country, more than half of the Iranians live below poverty level. Iran is still a Third World country. Time to act is now. This is much bigger than Ahmadinejad and Mousavi. At stake is the future of this great nation with over 8,000-year-old history and civilization.
The Iranians are an exceptionally mature, productive, creative, and politically proactive people in a region that has for long been identified with tyranny and suppression. Iranians do not need arms, military intervention. They just need moral and some logistical support. Few examples are listed below:
All media is blacked out, no thanks to profiteers such as Nokia and Siemens and some other telecommunication Giants, who have supplied the mullahs with extensive sophisticated telecommunication jamming technology. Opposition televisions are jammed by the Islamic Republic and can no longer talk to the people of Iran to show Mullahs crimes and innocent killings of peaceful demonstrators such as Neda who was brutally shot to death by a sniper. We badly need to get them back on air to resume broadcasting. Please help us restore this valuable asset.
Shortwave Radio broadcasting to Iran is a must. The regime is confiscating satellite dishes and destroying them daily to prevent access to news from the outside. But people who own satellites are not in majority. However, radios are. Almost every Iranian listens to the Radio, in their cars, at work and at home. We need help to establish shortwave broadcasts to Iran and bypass Nokia and Siemens.
Cell phones and phone systems are shut down. We want cell phones to be working again, so that brave Iranians can call and share their eyewitness accounts and what is going on in Iran. We need help with Internet connectivity, so that horror stories, pictures of crime and massacre can be seen and heard by the world.
Please pressure Telecommunication companies to back off.
This is our fight and our struggle. This time we want to do with our own power.
A word of caution to our Arab neighbors: never think that you are safe from the Shi’a mullahs and they are only after the West. On the contrary, for the past 1400 years, the Shi’a world has been bitter about Imam Ali who was denied of his “rightful succession” after the Prophet Muhammad. In their eyes, Sunnis have committed the most punishable crime, depriving them of their rightful place. I do not want to be an alarmist, but you connect the dots.
With you standing up with the Iranian people against this injustice, with the mullahs out of the way, there just might be a prospect for peace in the area and the world for that matter. Without Iran’s backing, Hamas will be forced to talk with Fatah and recognize Israel. They have given hint of this when things have been made tough for them. And Fatah can begin to negotiate with Israel without any distraction. Hezbollah cannot bully the Lebanese government and will be forced to lay down their arms and behave like civilized people.
Nouri Al-Maliki will be motivated to pay attention to his country various minorities’ demands and reconcile their differences and form an independent democratic Iraq. Muqtada al-Sadr can seek refuge in a mosque and continue his religious studies.
Iran and Israel can finally find peace and live as examples of flourishing democracies for other countries to emulate.
And with Iran as a free and democratic nation, the 70 million people of Iran who have suffered so much in the hands of these killers will finally regain their pride, find their rightful place in the world, join the community of civilized nations, and live in peace with the rest of the world.
During these serious challenges; battered by two wars, ballooning debt, and a faltering economy, the United States/Obama appears to have lost its capacity to think clearly. But, we are reminded by Winston Churchill who once said, “Americans can always be counted on to do the right thing … after they have exhausted all other possibilities.”  We encourage and implore Europe, the United States of America and the United Nations to ultimately do the right thing. After all, for the past 30 years, if there has been any strong indication for anything, it sure has been a misguided policy and wrong approach towards Iran. So, this time around, let us hope we do the right thing!
About Dr. Arash Irandoost
Dr. Arash Irandoost is a pro-democracy activist who advocates Regime Change in Iran. He denounces those who have corrupted the religion of Islam and make war with all free nations and intend to dominate the world with their theocracy. He has been published in numerous magazines around the world as well as hundreds of Internet magazines, websites and blogs. He is also a researcher and literary translator and has become a strong voice for the struggling people of Iran. Click here for Dr. Irandoost's blog.

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